10 Wedding Day Makeup Tips That Will Last All Day – And All Night

As your wedding day quickly approaches, one thing to consider (that is sometimes forgotten until the week of) is what to do about your make-up!Most women have their make-up routines for work and for nights out, but for a wedding, well, this is a time to do something special!

After all, the wedding day tends to be one of, if not the most, photographed day in a person's life. Not only is there often a wedding photographer on hand to officially capture all of the special moments, but friends and family are also frequently busy snapping shots and capturing short videos for their own personal memories.

Furthermore, committing to a solid and professional (either by a professional or with professional-level care and products) make-up plan for the morning of your wedding helps ensure it lasts all day and into the night so you look gorgeous and stress-free!

So now that you know why it's important, are you ready to get started with planning out your wedding day makeup? Check out these 10 master starting tips:

1) Start Hydrating - Now!

The first step to great day-of makeup takes place weeks before with good hydration. In the two to three weeks before your wedding day, try and drink two to three bottles of water a day and completely clean off daily make-up. This regime will get your skin in excellent condition to serve as that perfect canvas for wedding day makeup.

2) Start With a Quality Primer

To continue on with that canvas metaphor, before an artist grabs the color paints, first she must apply a primer to help ensure those paints properly adhere and reflect their true colors. Make-up primers act very similar to this type of paint primer. Quality primers smooth out any facial roughness and serve as a base that enables makeup to blend more smoothly and adhere better.

3) Be Extra Picky With Your Foundation

Note that primer and foundation are two different types of makeup products. Primer is a base while foundation is a colored make-up that helps to even out skin tone and create a uniform complexion. Before your big day, spend some time in a makeup store finding a foundation that matches as close to your face and skin's natural skin tone as possible. This is to ensure that your face and neck will match and flow together -- which is particularly important given how many photographs will be taken on the big day. If you plan on going to a professional to have your makeup done, if you bring nothing else, be sure to bring this specially picked out foundation color.

4) Experiment With Eyelashes

Many people haven't tried on fake eyelashes before, with many fearing that fake lashes look too fake. And while that is partly true, badly done fake lashes can be a major fashion faux pas, when they are done right they really, really make a difference.

Long and thick eyelashes accentuate the eyes in a special kind of way and are certainly worth experimenting in. Note, however, some people are allergic to certain glues used in semi-permanent eyelashes and thus it's a good idea to start experiment with different brands and eyelash additions a couple of weeks before your big day to find the perfect and healthiest look for you. Don't know where to start? Check out these handcrafted Huda Beauty Faxus Mink Lashes available through Sephora.

5) Take Care With Eyebrow Plucking

If there's one place where it's easy to go overboard it's with your eyebrows. It's also common for brides-to-be to completely ignore this area. The best tip for here is to pluck between and underneath your brows and, if they are a bit thick, do a little trimming. However, try and do as little as possible as while a little eyebrow grooming can result in an excellent finished look, too much and you risk looking like a completely different person.

6) Use waterproof Everything

There is bound to be a lot of tears on your wedding day and during your reception (particularly during the speech portion of the evening). And thus, it's a very smart idea to invest in all waterproof makeup products. Waterproof make-up also tends to last longer, so that you won't have to worry about a full re-apply at any point during the exciting day.

Finish off with a product like Kryolan Dermacolor Fixing Spray.This is the same product that Cirque Du Soleil uses to keep their performers looking gorgeous -- including during water performances (just make sure to practice with it a couple times before the big day). Additionally, have one of your bridesmaids keep a beauty blender on-hand and close. These fantastic products are great for post-tear blotting as they press products into the skin instead of wiping make-up away and leaving streaks.

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