3 Ways to Say "Thank You" for Supporting Your dreamOway Wedding Fundraiser

Your friends and loved ones have already shown their love and generosity by supporting your dream wedding and contributing to your wedding's fundraiser.

That's awesome! But, you know what? For as much fun as weddings can be, attending one can be costly when you consider travel, time off work, and hotels. So make your guests feel recognized for their efforts!

One way to show your appreciation and reciprocate for making your wedding so wonderful is with a thank-you note sent out to those who made your big day truly special! After any wedding, this step can get lost in the details easily though. Luckily for you, we've laid out the perfect roadmap for you to craft and deliver the perfect thank-you to your guests!

Step #1: Preparation

Starting off, it would be good to have enough stationery at the outset and a few sheets of stamps as well. Affordable options are always available at paper supply stores like Office Max or Staples (Dunder Mifflin is closed now I believe). There are several online sites that provide card printing and delivery. Our favorite is Zazzle because of their broad array of templates you can plug in and use.

As for timing, you should aim to have your thank-you notes sent out three months from your wedding date, so break down your time into multiple sessions (say, every Sunday at 7PM?) and get them entered into your calendar!

Step #2: Delegating the Work

It might also make sense to delegate thank-you notes that concern your partner's family and close friends. Remember, these messages should be both sincere and heartfelt, which can only genuinely come from an individual with a connection to who they're writing to.

In addition, enlist a close friend or family member to stuff envelopes for you, leaving you just to focus on actually writing the messages. This can help greatly in focusing your energy on the right part of the process - the actual card content!

If you feel you have the envelope-stuffing process in hand, perhaps designate someone to deliver the completed cards to the post office for you, ensuring there are no delays in getting those thank you's out on time!

Step #3: Writing the Perfect Message

In any thank-you note, you're going to want to make a few acknowledgements:

  1. Acknowledge the gift
  2. Say what made it so special or useful
  3. Zoom out a bit and make a personal connection with the note's intended recipient
  4. (bonus) Get one more "thank you"in there at the end (it never hurts to say it enough).

Infusing a bit of humor in your thank-you note can also be a great idea. Here's an example:

Dear John and Kate,

Thank you so much for the amazing donation you provided us for our dream wedding. You made our big day that much more special! We'll be using your funds to purchase some new cutlery for the dining room. Now Mark won't have to each with his hands anymore! Seriously, though, we want to thank you for coming and feel blessed to have you in our lives. Thanks again for making our wedding so memorable.


Tiffany and Mark

If humor seems like it wouldn't be proper for certain recipients, the short and sincere route is always best - especially if there is less of a personal connection there already (looking at your Second-Aunt Gertrude). Here's a short-and sweet-example:

Dear Hector and Luis,

Thank you again for being a present as a part of our big day, as well as for the donation to our wedding fund. It already went so far in making our ceremony truly a dream experience. It means so much to us that you traveled so far to celebrate this special moment with us. Chris and I feel lucky to count you as our friends!

With Love,

Chris and Denise

Always remember: a thank-you note is an opportunity to thank those who contributed to your wedding and show that you appreciate them for showing up and being a part of your life.

Bonus Idea: A Thank-you Video Message

This might even be more personalized than sending out a thank-you note because the recipients get to see and hear you personally. You can also personalize the message and record it in a special place.

A video message also gives you options as far as your being able to post your video to social media for everyone to see and share or, alternatively, email to recipients.

Whether it's wedding budgets, decoration ideas or wedding invitation inspiration, dreamOway has all the guidance you need to help bring your big day together. If you're looking to help raise funds for your wedding, you should read more about why crowdfunding is the right answer. We're here to help!

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