3 Wounded Veteran Charities that Maximize Your Donation Gifts

Many Americans are interested in donating and supporting veterans in need of aid.

Sadly, many con men and women know this and try and find ways of intervening to take those donations for themselves, such as the case of John Donald Cody whose bogus organization stole over $100 million from generous people who thought they were donating to U.S. veterans.

While thieves like Cody make it necessary for people to be cautious before opening up their pocketbook, we hope you don't let those bad apples dissuade you from donating altogether. There are a lot of outstanding organizations headed by selfless individuals whose only aim is to help veterans reintegrate into society and succeed - but they need consistent donations and volunteers to do so.

Here are 3 trusted and reliable wounded veteran charities that do a lot for veterans - ones who will maximize your donation gifts. These are experienced organizations who have been thoroughly examined by third-party groups like Charity Navigator for accountability, transparency, and effectiveness. In short, if you're not sure about where to go but do want to help support our veterans, these are some great groups to start with!

3 Wounded Veteran Charities That Maximize Your Donation Gifts

  1. Semper Fi - Semper Fi is one of the most trusted non-profit organizations in the country and its primary aim is to provide a variety of programs that directly assist wounded veterans of all branches of the United States Armed Forces. This group was founded back in the spring of 2003 when the first wave of wounded soldiers arrived in California from Operation Iraqi Freedom. A dedicated group of spouses met them at the VA hospital and swiftly began organizing activities and fundraising events to assist the wounded, such as the provision of a specialized van for a Marine who returned as a quadriplegic. Their fundraising efforts grew and today they are recognized as one of the largest veteran-oriented nonprofits. In addition to providing direct financial assistance and vital programming, Semper Fi also helps to provide housing assistance, offers opportunities for the children of wounded warriors to attend summer camp, provide ongoing transportation assistance, and other unique programs for wounded veterans and their families.
  2. Fisher House Foundation - When you're sick or injured, one of the things you want most is to have your loved ones close by your side. The Fisher House Foundations works to ensure that happens. This is another one of the country's most trusted non-profit organizations and one that has saved military and veterans' families an estimated $451 million in out of pocket costs for lodging and transportation since its inception in 1990. Like Semper Fi, Fisher House was inspired by a military spouse, Pauline Trost, who saw the need for safe, comfortable, and affordable housing for military families when their loved ones were being hospitalized. Today, the group boasts 21 suites around the world at or near military and VA medical centers where families can stay at no cost to them.
  3. Operation Homefront - Integrating back into society can be very difficult for those who spent months or even years in an active warzone. Operation Homefront's mission is to provide the direct assistance when and where it's needed to make that integration easier and less stressful. This includes providing food assistance, auto and home repair, moving assistance, and rent-free transitional housing as well as other long-term programs.

Know a Veteran in Need? Fundraise for Them!

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