5 Apps Every Musician Needs on Their Mobile Device

Whether you're just picking up the guitar for the very first time or you've been playing keyboard for over a decade, there are always areas in which to improve and hone your skills. The life of a musician is all about constant improvement!

We've assembled a list of some of our favorite apps to help you improve your skills and connect you with other musicians.


5 Apps Every Musician Needs on Their Mobile Devices


Yousician Logo


1. Yousician

(iOS, Android, Web App)

With over 10 million downloads, Yousician is fast on its way to becoming one of the most popular and authoritative musician-oriented apps. If you haven't downloaded it yet, now is the time! 

This niche app was designed and continues to be updated and improved by music experts. With this one app, musicians can both begin to learn and continue on with mastery techniques for instruments like the guitar and piano. This is done via an exciting array of features that include step-by-step tutorials, hundreds of exercises and instructional videos for every major instrument. The game-style approach keeps lessons fun and tracks your progress to show growth and keep you motivated! 


The Metronome App


2. The Metronome

(iOS and Android)

This is a beautifully designed app with a very user-intuitive interface featuring both dark and light color options. The Metronome by Soundbrenner is a wonderful and powerful app companion that is useful for musicians of every skill level.

This app operates like a standard metronome app but also offers users the ability to customize their time signature, select a subdivision, and add desired accents. You can also instantly save and organize your custom settings.


Flint Musicians App


3. Flint - Find Musicians

(iOS, Web App)

While most of the apps on our list are for helping musicians improve their skillset or aide in creating and recording new tunes, this unique app is designed to help musicians network with each other. You might even think of it as a sort of Tinder for music lovers - only instead of searching for the right romantic partner, you're searching for the right music match. 

With Flint, users can easily search and discover other musicians and bands, hear their songs, and connect with them. This is a great tool for musicians to find others to collaborate with. If you're a vocalist looking for a guitarist, this is the app for you!




4. Hum


This is a specialty app that is a must-have for any and all songwriters. Consider this scenario: you're a songwriter walking through your favorite park on a chilly autumn afternoon when a lovely melody and verse pops into your head. What do you do? If you don't have Hum, then probably all you can do is either try and repeat it ad nauseam later on or scribble some notes haphazardly. Neither option is ideal. Hum changes all of this! 

In that same strike-of-inspiration scenario, the songwriter can both capture the sound snippet and necessary notes and metadata about this tone. If inspiration keeps striking while you're away from a studio set-up, you can add to your notes and organize all notes by key, sounds with or without lyrics, and other aspects and then syncs all notes and music automatically to your Dropbox library. This is such a fantastic and versatile app that we're surprised there aren't more like it and hope to see it available for Android soon.  


Synth One App


5. AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer


This is a robust free and open-source iPad synthesizer that has been called the largest open-source music project of its kind on iOS. More than 100 music experts volunteered to help create this app over the course of several years, with it finally being released just last year. 

Unlike other "free apps" users won't have to navigate through ads or in-app payment requests in order to access AudioKit Synth One Synethsizer's features - and those features are pretty impressive. 

This app comes with more than 300 presets, five oscillators, two assignable LFOs, high pass, and bandpass filters, and much more. If you're creating music, this is a must-download app to have. 


Pianist With App

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