5 Careers in Music to Consider for the Modern Creative

Not everyone wants to be a rock star or a pop diva, and that’s okay! You shouldn’t give up your dream of having a successful career in music. There are other exciting and fulfilling careers in music that are worth exploring, such as the following five:


1. Broadcast & Sound Engineering Technician

Median Salary: $43,660

Job Outlook Through 2026: 8% Growth


This path is for you if your musical talent leans toward the technical. As a broadcast and sound engineering technician, you’ll ensure the sound quality in broadcasts for radio, TV, and live events are optimal by monitoring and adjusting audio and video equipment. In large companies, you can hold a more specialized post, such as broadcast field supervisor or sound mixer. But if you want to dabble in a little bit of everything first, consider working for small companies and get as much experience as you can.


2. Artist & Repertoire (AR) Coordinator

Median Salary: $35,660

Job Outlook Through 2026: 4% Growth


If you’re not about being the next Taylor Swift or Mick Jagger, the next best thing is finding the next Taylor Swift or Mick Jagger. An A&R coordinator’s job is to discover fresh talent for a record label, as well as manage the completion of new albums for said talents. Just think about how many successful careers in music you can help launch when you have this job. And of course, the perks of rubbing elbows with up-and-coming musicians can’t hurt!


3. Music Director & Composer

Median Salary: $49,630

Job Outlook Through 2026: 6% Growth


With a average median pay above the national average, the job of music director and composer can be a secure option. These are actually two different positions – the music director leads musical groups in live performances and studio recordings, while the composer makes original musical arrangements in different styles. However, the two are often lumped together because they’re closely intertwined, and in some cases, the musical director is also the composer.


4. Music Teacher

Median Salary: $35,080


If you wish to impart your knowledge in music but find the idea of teaching a roomful of people overwhelming, you can focus on one-on-one sessions as a private music teacher instead. You’ll get to choose your students and set the pace of the lessons, providing plenty of flexibility in your schedule. But most importantly, you’ll have the chance to leave a positive impact on people who may be inspired to pursue their own careers in music after being under your tutelage.


5. Club Disc Jockey (DJ)

Median Salary: $39,990

Job Outlook Through 2026: <1% Growth


Nowadays, anyone with a SoundCloud account can claim that they’re a DJ, but not everyone has the skills and stamina to be the real deal playing at a club, rave, or other party. It takes a lot of energy and strategy to keep people engaged til the end of an event. But if you’re up to the challenge, start practicing and brush up on your mixing skills.  The more popular you get, the more money you’re paid. The highest-earning DJs are celebrities in their own right. Calvin Harris, the highest paid DJ in 2018, earned $48 million in that year alone!


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These are just some examples of the different careers in music that you can explore outside of recording artist. No matter what you choose, focus on maximizing your talent, developing your skills, and of course, connecting with people who will raise you up.

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