5 Simple Ways Charities Can Boost Public Awareness

Charities live and die on public and private funding. Thus, even if you are the most hard-working of non-profit organizations, you could be out of business by the end of the year if you cannot raise charity awareness.

Raising awareness and bringing in funds is essential to ensure that you and your organization can continue on with improving our world in only a way you can! Here's a quick look at five simple ways that you can improve your next charity fundraiser, boosting awareness and donations!


5 Simple Ways Charities Can Boost Public Awareness

1) Simplify the Messaging

People like things simple. They want easy, straightforward answers, especially when they are giving money. So before you start marketing, pull the team together and determine how best to boil down your efforts into nice, digestible informational bites that can easily be shared via social media. Use the following questions to start developing such messaging:

    • What or whom does the charity support?
    • What goals has the charity already met?
    • What would be the end-goal for the charity?
    • How does financial support help the organization/where do private donations go?


2) Invest in Visuals

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. While yes, there is plenty of controversy regarding charities and their use of funds to create advertising content, the truth is that good content gets good results. Photos, crisp and clear graphics, and cohesive, to-the-point videos will go a long way in capturing audience attention and raise awareness for your nonprofit organization.

This is especially true when you use a crowdsourcing website, such as dreamOway, as a quick video that answers the aforementioned questions and does so in an engaging and entertaining manner are significantly more likely to capture attention and elicit donations than just a block of boring text!


3) Tailor Content to the Medium

Social media is your best friend when it comes to raising charity awareness - but it's important to think outside of just Facebook. Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are all outstanding platforms that will offer you more broad and diverse audiences. Depending on your charity, your best donors may be only a country away!

Getting outside of your small Facebook circle is needed to raise big charity awareness. Work with your team to research each of these social networks' strengths, audience demographics, and effective content forms. Then, tailor your messaging into advertising content that best fits each medium. 


4) Have Short-Term Strategies that Integrate With Long-Term Ones

For most charities and non-profits, there will be short-term fundraising needs for things like events and supplies, and then there will be long-term ones, like ensuring certain staff members and building rent are paid.

When running campaigns, it is often key to highlight those short-term needs but also have appeals for important long-term financial needs and goals. If you use Donate Buttons (and you should) on your website and social media pages, make sure it's clear where those donations are going and use separate collection strategies for specific short-term fundraising aims.


5) Be Consistent With Branding

Finally, take a cue from business advertising and ensure that your organization has a solid brand. Have a logo professionally done and nail down your colors and theme. Use your logo and colors across your fundraising and other materials to cement your name in your audiences' mind. 


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