5 TIPS on How to Use the dreamOway App to Get Funded

With the dreamOway app, anyone with a dream can unlock the doorway to donors who are just itching to support you.


Of course, with a growing number of users, you’ve got to do something that sets you apart.  In the following, we’ll walk you through a handful of tried-and-true tips that will help separate you from the rest and increase your chances of getting that magical idea seen and funded.


1. A Proper Introduction

The timeless mantra applies here: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. With this in mind, plan out what you wish to do in the video you’ll upload to get everyone’s attention. But be yourself. Introduce yourself, and make sure the background is inviting and expressive of who you truly are.


2. Convey Your Dream

This second part is really just an extension of the first part; but it’s important enough to deserve its own category. After the introduction, you'll want to educate any potential viewers and prospective financial supporters on the vision of your dream. Explain what encouraged you to come up with it, what need are you trying to meet, and how it will be rewarding for all parties involved. Don’t let this part sound daunting; there’s a wealth of examples on YouTube on how to explain a vision.


3. Post More Than One Video

With the way that dreamOway app works, you should to take advantage of the ability to post multiple videos. This will give your local channel an opportunity to grow followers, and trust comes with the crowd. In fact, plan out your first 3-5 videos before you even upload the first one.


However, if you are short on ideas, then craft one video and post it. Use the feedback you receive from this one to help create video content for the next one. You can answer any questions your followers asked, or expand on a point that got good reviews and mentions in the post below.


4. Understand Some Filming Basics

When setting up your filming workspace, avoid any colorful backgrounds so as not to take focus off of you. Go with a solid color that is in contrast with the clothing you’re wearing; or simply go with white (background). Avoid weird angles with the camera, too - try to get it to point straight-on and focus on your face and torso.


5. Enhance Your Video With Text

Just because it’s video doesn’t mean you should skip the detailed description of your vision. Some people prefer reading over watching, and most people prefer both options to be available. Since you likely scripted your first video, you should already have most of this done. Let’s realize your dream on dreamOway!

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