5 Ways to Make Your Foundation's Fundraising More Successful

Raising money for your foundation isn't always an easy process and requires extensive planning for the best results.

Crowdfunding is one of the most effective ways to raise funds for your foundation, as it allows a large number of people to donate money online through various websites. Understanding the best ways to raise funds for your non-profit organization is essential to maximize donations and the outreach of your foundation.

Here are five ways to increase the success of your foundation's fundraising.

1) Build a Mobile Presence

Developing a mobile fundraising strategy is one of the best ways to maximize your outreach to potential donors. Making it easy for people to donate on a mobile device is highly useful for any foundation that uses crowdfunding websites. You can use tools such as Google Analytics to track the number of mobile users that visit your site over an extended period of time. All of this information helps track trends and understand the various ways that people visit your crowdfunding site.

2) Use Images & Graphics

Images are a powerful way to make people feel more connected with the purpose of your particular foundation. Helping people to understand the impact of their donation through the use of images and graphics is an excellent way to increase your foundation's fundraising. Creating a simple design with images related to your foundation is highly effective and well worth the extra effort for a nonprofit organization.

3) Host Non-Traditional Events

An excellent way for foundations to raise money is to host non-traditional events in your area. Creating a fun-filled event is a fantastic way to increase donations and build awareness about your particular foundation. These events can be wide-ranging, whether it is a fashion show, silent auction, chili-cookoff, or a battle of the bands. Hosting an event is a great way to bring people together for a noble cause in the community and creating lasting memories.

4) Gain Support of Volunteer Influencers

The rise of social media and access to the latest technology allows your foundation to use volunteer influencers to promote your cause and reach a wide range of people. These volunteer influencers utilize technology to bring greater awareness of your foundation through social media posts, while also encouraging friends and family members to get involved with your organization. The use of volunteer influencers is especially popular for millennials, as it allows them to donate to a good cause by simply using a computer or mobile device.

5) Encourage Monthly Giving

Encouraging monthly contributions is a great way to develop long-term relations with donors that believe in the purpose of your foundation. These monthly donations are an excellent source of resources that can help your foundation to become even more successful. Offering a simple way to provide monthly contributions significantly increases the chance of people giving to your foundation on a regular basis. Of course, always sending out personal acknowledgments to recognize their giving will let them know that you truly appreciate their generosity and support.

Crowdfunding offers many benefits and is a vital source of resources for nonprofit organizations. Following these five simple tips will help your foundation to become even more prosperous and help elevate your organization to even higher levels of success.

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