7 Veteran Fundraiser Ideas To start in Your Community

Veterans serve our country with their lives and livelihoods. When deployed, they feel the effects of being away from their families and friends. They often return and don't have a job or home.

They're at a greater risk for mental problems and substance abuse issues. All of these issues are very real in our society, and our veterans deserve better!

Think of a veteran in your family or community you can help regain quality of life. Through these veteran fundraiser ideas, you may help those who've fought so hard for your freedom but are now fighting through the struggles of their own lives.


1) Serve as a Shopping Assistant

Organize a program where you and other people from your community volunteer to help veterans run daily errands, such as going to the grocery store. Offer the service for free, but ask individuals or businesses in the community to fund the initiative. It wouldn't hurt to see if the corporate offices or managers of local stores would let you advertise your volunteer service in their store window or even on their website. You could also use your own social media pages to advertise and reach out to veterans in your community without reliable transportation.


2) Organize a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding has become a popular way to raise money for a wide range of noble causes. The idea of this fundraising method consists of creating a webpage and determining a desired monetary goal. On the webpage, write information about why you're raising money to encourage individuals to give to your cause. You'll want to write quality background information about the veteran you're choosing to support in order to encourage people to give to your cause. A simple option with a supportive community is dreamOway!


3) Host a Charity Concert

If you know someone who plays music, you could put together a benefit concert to raise money supporting a veteran in your community. You'll need to choose a venue. Start by identifying public spaces in your community. The local government may allow you free usage for such a noble cause.

Then, advertise your event with flyers, on town communication channels, and on social media. Make sure to clearly label the event as "free admission" with donations accepted. This will draw crowds in looking for a fun night out while encouraging giving to a worthy cause!


4) Organize a Charity Auction

Although this is one of the veteran fundraiser ideas that has been used many times, it does work. For this idea, have people donate -- or buy -- items to auction off at a public event. Attendees will purchase tickets to attend and bid on these items. All proceeds go to the veteran or veterans' organization in need!


5) Offer Custom T-Shirts for Sale

Find a site or store that allows you to customize T-shirts and buy them in bulk, such as Custom Ink or Vistaprint. Create a design that has to do with veterans. You may want to create several different designs, so people are more likely to find a style they like. In fact, you may even want to have them printed in various colors.


6) Sell Other Branded Products

Find a site that allows you to customize products like water bottles, bags, or hats. Create a slogan or design that revolves around veterans. Then, go out and sell these products in the community. Besides what you spend on the product, you can give the rest of the profit to the veterans.


7) Host a Carnival Fundraiser

Organizing a carnival is just one of the veteran fundraiser ideas that can include children. One of your local parks may let you use their location. You can offer food and games at a cost. Many local businesses may want to get involved to get their business more well known, and you'll raise money to support veterans.


Start Your Veteran Support Journey With dreamOway

Whether you choose one of these ideas or come up with your own, dreamOway can help you earn money to support veterans. The entire app revolves around you getting the support you need to reach your goal in helping others live their best life.

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