7 Places to Find Fun & Unique Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Wedding

So you're a modern bride, with modern wedding dreams. You want a unique day - one that bucks tradition and shouts "unique" to the world!

When it comes to what your bridesmaids will wear, one question you'll have to think about it whether they should match or not.

The short answer is a qualified "not necessarily." Bridesmaid dresses only need to match the formal nature and perhaps the length of the your bridal gown. In fact, modern trends are becoming more creative with brighter colors and non-matching bridesmaid outfits!

If you're looking for some fun and unique outfit options for your girls, check out our 7 bridesmaids dresses that will both complement - and compliment you, the bride!

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Rewritten's website is designed just for the bride planning on a mix-and-match approach to bridesmaid dresses. Their online store lays everything out with color tones like reds and purples, greys and neutrals, or cornflower bluebell and emerald forest green!

There are a lot of fun, sporty options to offer here: florence dresses, soho jumpsuits, and even separates like camisole tops and Amalfi trousers in a huge range of color tones.

BHLDN Bridal Dresses


This site is a sister brand of Anthropologie and a place that most people associate with trendy, yet affordable bridal gowns. The thing is, they do bridesmaids' dressees really well too!

BHLDN has everything from romantic dresses that bring the glitz to more laid-back bohemian styles.

While you're there, check out the separates and see if you can coordinate a really interesting ensemble with other bridesmaids. It's fun to mix and match tops and skirts to get the color scheme you're after!

Reformation Bridesmaid Dresses


Reformation has a huge collection of bridesmaid dresses, uses sustainable fabrics, and offers free worldwide delivery. The amount of chic styles you'll find on the website is really dizzying...in a good way.

Even though all of these dresses are affordably priced, it's nice that Reformation offers payment plans for the dresses they carry and each dress seems to come with at least five size and color options.

Show Me Your Mumu Bridesmaid Dresses

Show Me Your Mumu

As opposed to the three previous suggestions, Show Me Your Mumu is more of a specialist in terms of offering boho-style bridesmaid dresses.

The cool thing about this place is that you can still mix and match according to style or color because there's a lot of variety within the boho niche.

If you're planning on having or attending an outdoor wedding with a relaxed flare and a bit of artistic freedom in aesthetics, then this is definitely a place to check out.

From the way that things are laid out on Show Me Your Mumu, you're going to be tempted to mix and match based on color tones, though, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Categories include: florals & tropicals, pinks & blushes, and mints & greens. Fun!

Dessy Bridesmaid Dresses


The Dessy Group has a new 2019 Fall Bridesmaid Collection that is definitely worth your time.

Dessy should get a serious look for elegant, glitzy dresses from some of the best designers at work today.

Jenny Packham and Alfred Sung have teamed up with Dessy's own designers, who curate their signature line. That said, this is probably the easiest place out there to mix and match styles and color swatches.

Another neat thing about Dessy is that there's an interactive showroom that lets bridesmaids see how the dress would actually look on them (try before you buy) and how all the dresses will look put together into one beautiful tableau.

You can even save styles and have your fellow bridesmaids or family and friends leave comments and provide their input.

Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dresses

Jenny Yoo

Jenny Yoo occupies a unique spot in the bridesmaid arena by curating elegant, ethereal dresses that turn heads without ever feeling stodgy or outdated.

And who says you can't have fun? Check out these separates to really turn heads at your wedding!

Azazia Bridesmaid Dresses


Although not a niche place for bridesmaid dresses per se, Azazia makes it a priority to offer dresses for every shape and body type out there.

Among the hundreds of modern dresses to choose from, all of the selections are broken down with a huge amount (literally dozens) of color options at the top of the screen.

Blending comfort and style is clearly a priority as well since you'll find lightweight yet irresistible cute dresses everywhere you look.

You can filter the bridesmaid dress you're looking for in some really creative ways: Color, silhouette, and fabric are some popular routes for filtering what you're after.

Azazia offers "junior," "maternity" and "modest" bridesmaid dresses. Explore new bridesmaid dresses and gowns here.


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