An Equipment Guide for Beginner Musicians

If you've been dreaming of becoming a successful musician, you probably already have songs swimming in your head - waiting for the world to hear them!

 But to do that, you need the necessary equipment to produce quality audio. 


The bad news is that audio equipment will require an investment. The good news is that you can get decent stuff on a small budget. Splurge on expensive tools once you've hit it big. For now, dreamOway recommends the following devices for producing quality music on a beginner's budget.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)


1. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

You'll need a DAW system to record, edit, and produce audio files. For software, popular options are Ableton Live, Avid Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and FL Studio 20. However, there are other choices you can go for depending on your budget.


Software often comes in different tiers with different prices. Ableton Live's Intro edition costs $99, while the "Standard" and "Suite" editions cost $449 and $749, respectively. The higher-priced options have additional features, instruments, and effects, but the "Intro" version contains all the essentials you'll need, making it an excellent starter DAW. This version provides 16 audio and MIDI tracks, eight scenes, two send and return tracks, eight mono audio input channels, eight mono audio output channels, complex warp modes, and the ability to capture MIDI.


Pop Filter


2. Pop Filter

Fast-moving air produced by singing or talking produces popping sounds when recording, decreasing the quality of your songs. You want your recording to be as clean as possible, so you should have a pop filter to serve as noise protection for your microphone. A pop filter is a simple fabric filter that covers the top of the microphone. It sounds like a simple tool, but it makes a world of difference!


Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL is considered the best overall pop filter, so its price tag of around $79 is a worthwhile investment. But if you're looking for something cheaper that still does a decent job, Blue "The Pop" Universal Pop Filterat $18 is your best bet. It can be used with any microphone because it is a universal widescreen.



3. Microphone

There are microphones for recording vocals and microphones for recording instruments. For vocals, condenser microphones enjoy popularity because of their sensitivity. They capture details thoroughly, so every nuance is recorded. 


Shure SM7B, used by musicians all over the world, is considered the best. It's around $400, but it's worth the splurge if you have the funds. But if you don't, the AKG P420 is more than an acceptable alternative. It's less than $200, but it has a dual-diaphragm design that supports three polar patterns.


For instruments, you need a dynamic microphone that converts sounds to electrical signals. The Shure SM57, known as the world's most versatile microphone, is a tried-and-tested-choice. At just around $90, it should be the top option you should consider for this category.

Microphone Stand

4. Microphone Stand

Please take advantage of a better deal by purchasing microphones bundled with their stands. But if you're keeping an eye out for the best-unbundled option, you can't go wrong with the Hercules MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand, which adjusts the boom length and the angle at the same time. Priced around $70, this stand is easily adjustable and secured in place.


Sound waves recorded


5. Audio Recorder 

Sometimes, you'll need to record on the go for various reasons. Inspiration strikes when you least expect it! For this reason, the Sony ICD-PX370 is a great little performer at only around $60. It has a built-in USB connection to facilitate quick file transfers and features a long battery life of 57 hours! As for the sound quality, this device minimizes background noise for cleaner recordings in various environments.


Studio Headphone

6. Studio Headphones

The industry standard in closed-back headphones is the Sennheiser HD280 Pro, priced at almost $100. They produce great sound, have a high ambient noise attenuation, and are comfortable to wear.



Collection of Instruments


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