Birthday Party Alternatives to Make Your Child's Special Day Unique

Don't stress out over your child's approaching birthday. You may not have a lot of money or time to plan, but you can still create an inexpensive and memorable event for your child.

There are many ways to celebrate without having a traditional birthday party. Here are just a few:

Have a Baking Party

Let your child invite a few close friends to make the event more manageable. Let them choose what to bake, whether it be cookies, cupcakes or brownies! The baked treats can serve in lieu of a birthday cake for the occasion. Here is an easy Hamburger Cake that kids can make themselves. The frosting condiments allow kids to get hands-on creative. Just stick some candles in, and voila!

Throw a "BFF" Birthday

Have your child bring along their best friend and visit a local amusement park, see a movie, or go hiking. The pressure will be off and you can enjoy the occasion as you would a family outing. Include a special cake or ice cream treat for celebration. You can order a gourmet birthday cake online for overnight delivery nationwide!

Make the Party an "All About Me" Day

It's time for your little one to choose the day's activities and meals - just with you! Whether they chooses a restaurant, park, or beauty shop, give them your full attention. Make the day special by writing a birthday message on the bathroom mirror, giving them a crown or tiara to wear, and filling her room with balloons!

Go Camping

Spend time together as a family, playing board games without the use of technology. It will bring your family closer together. If you don't like to rough it, rent an RV or just pitch a tent in your backyard. Stick candles in Twinkies for a simple and inexpensive birthday celebration. Finish off the evening with roasted marshmallows and stories around the campfire.

Go on a day trip

Follow the road where it may lead or let your child pick the route. Stop at different sites along the way. End the day by stopping at your favorite drive-in restaurant and order a special birthday treat.

Keeping your child's special day simple makes it easy on yourself and your pocketbook. You'll find your child appreciates any type of birthday celebration as long as you make her feel special. Choosing a unique birthday activity will make it stand out in her mind from the others. She will remember this birthday as the one most memorable for many years to come.

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