Crowdfunding for Veterans: How To Build a Successful Dream

DreamOway's app is all about creating a community of dreamers. Our users range from college students, teachers, brides and grooms-to-be, musicians, creatives, charities and veterans. 

The app's unique features and connectedness offer an excellent place for veterans to crowdfund for their dreams this Veteran's Day, and we're passionate about making our platform more accessible to them. 

If you're a veteran, love a veteran, or are related to a veteran, this article will discuss how to use dreamOway's features successfully, including the planning, sharing, and promotion of your dream. 


Planning the details


Stage One: Planning

You've got a dream; now you have to raise funds for it. Appealing to an audience takes time, research, and strategy, and dreamOway is equipped to guide you through every step. 

When putting together something to share, it's essential to know how your audience works. Consider what tone and language will receive the best response, your specific goals, how much of your story you should share. Think about how you can share it genuinely and compellingly too! 

We sincerely recognize that veterans have sacrificed so much for our country. When it comes to crowd sharing on dreamOway, though, we want to get to know a little bit about you as a person, too! 

When sharing your dream, use action words in your description, and succinctly summarize where the funds are going. Share what makes your dream unique. What's the impact of your goal, both personally and to the human community at large? Inspire people to invest in your story. 

For the "My Story" section of your profile, post relevant pictures that share more about you - photos of you in uniform, where you were stationed, and any other visuals relating to you and your dream. You can upload up to five, so use that space to the fullest!

Next, you'll want to plan out how to record your video. It doesn't need to be anything flashy or extremely high quality, but we want to help you aim for it to be effective. 

Choose a quiet spot with good lighting and a clean background. Write out a script ahead of time - at least talking points. Practice in front of a mirror. Know ahead of time what the video will look like to the viewer. Don't just "wing it" on the spot!

Remember that the audience you're working with is unfamiliar with your story. They don't "feel it" yet! So while you'll want to be formal and professional to an extent, share your story with the same emotion you'd use when sharing it with close friends and family! 



Selfie Filming


Stage Two: Creating

This step is the most crucial part of your campaign - creating content to inspire your audience and build support. According to an article relaying crowdfunding tips by experts, "supporters are looking for a great story, something to capture their imagination and ties in with what's relevant in their lives." 

Try your best to make the dream come alive for your audience. Speak loudly and clearly. Be engaging and pour emotion into sharing what makes your story relevant, unique, and compelling to you. 

Make sure to go through and edit your writing for spelling, punctuation, and structure. Make sure your video quality gets your message across effectively and clearly, and make sure your images are clear. 

Now that you've created a dream, it's time to engage with others in sharing your story, building support, and collecting donations. 

Share Your Dream

Stage Three: Posting and Sharing

You've written a post and spell-checked it, uploaded your video, and filled out the "My Story" section with an engaging picture of who you are. Thanks to DreamOway, sharing your dream is just a few clicks away.  

Sharing your video with friends and family is an essential first step. Begin with those with the highest chance of donating to your cause. Easily share your dream via email, text message, or any social media app.

Speaking of social media, this medium is the best way to reach that wider audience. This is possible in the app as well. Your sharing should be a mix of people familiar and unfamiliar to you. Don't be afraid to spread the word! If your dream is worth supporting, people will give. 


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Fund Your Next Dream with DreamOway Today! 

DreamOway's community of encouraging and supportive veterans will support you along the way. To date, dreamOway hosts hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns and gives a voice to aspiring dreamers - like you!

Don't wait til tomorrow - live your dream today!

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