Don't Forget These 5 Decorations When Planning Your Wedding

Budgeting, booking the venue, and catering to all of your guests can take up a lot of bandwidth when it comes to your wedding day!


That's totally understandable and something that a wedding planner can help with. But there are a lot of design decisions that you might want to make yourself to truly put a personal stamp on your wedding.

Choosing the right color scheme and creating an enchanting atmosphere can leave you and your guests with treasured memories that last a lifetime. Wedding decorations are what give your wedding a distinctive feel and personal touch!

Decorations like floral arrangements, centerpieces, and garlands are the melody and grace notes of a dazzling day. On that note, you might even want to consider...

Customized Wedding Signs

A customized wedding sign is a lovely, affordable way to lend a special touch to your wedding and direct guests to specific attractions throughout your venue.

As an added bonus, it will become a keepsake for years to come. A rustic wedding sign, perhaps one made out of carved wood, can be a charming addition to any wedding. 

Gilded Lanterns

Talk to your wedding planner about incorporating gilded lanterns. Gilded lanterns look classy and serve the function of providing mood lighting.

You might want to alternate heights to break the visual lines. These would be equally ideal for ceremonies and receptions. 

Vintage Copper Frames 

Copper picture frames to adorn your tables look wonderful and vintage without throwing your wedding budget into disarray.

Copper frames add to your decor and are practically suitable for displaying table numbers. Why sacrifice decor when you clearly don't have to? 

Crochet Runner and Tablecloth  

A metallic crochet edge runner or faux garland can look wonderful alongside a floral table centerpiece for all of your guests' tables.

You might even pair a crocheted runner with the same style tablecloth for a unifying, elegant effect that provides a soft complement to floral patterns.

Teak Dessert Serving Stands 

Let's not forget the reception, where all of the goodies and conversation takes place!

A natural teak dessert serving stand for holding up all these sweet treats might be just the thing. 

How to Think About Wedding Decor 

Wedding decor can be broken down into three categories that chronologically follow the course of your wedding day: decor for your ceremony, dinner table decor, and decor for the reception. 

Ceremony Decor 

A program display and order of events sign along with aisle markers and an aisle runner can imbue a lot of order to the ceremony itself and put everyone's mind at ease. It's a lot easier for everyone to relax when there's a plan in place. 

Dinner Table Decor 

Dinner table decor includes a centerpiece for each table that follows the theme and the venue, a table garland, and a table runner.

Escort cards, candles, and a menu - if guests haven't indicated their preferences on the RSVP - can also be helpful. 

Reception Decor 

Ironically, reception decor can be the trickiest thing to get right because you understandably get so focused on the wedding ceremony that the reception can become something of an afterthought, all things considered. 

The whole day is special, though, and the reception's no exception. You can solidify memories for decades to come by incorporating the right pieces of reception decor, especially a guest book, a rented photo booth, and having a photographer around.

There are more ways than ever to fulfill your dreams and work to fund and budget your wedding with social crowdsourcing. It's a great way to shore up resources for getting the venue and decor that you've always wanted.  

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