Dreamer of the month: Abbigayle's dreamcatchers

dreamer of the month logoEach month, our platform highlights one of our users and shares the story behind their dream. At dreamOway, we believe in the power of people to accomplish their goals. They just need a little support and a lot of encouragement along the way!


Dreamer of the Month: 

Abbigayle (from Washington) 


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animation-3Abbigayle's Dream:

To share her dreamcatcher designs with the world and start a small business to support her and her child.


The Journey:

Abbigayle's passion for dreamcatchers dates back to 2014. She started making them to practice mindfulness and keep busy. She had always enjoyed being creative, and it was a perfect hobby, to begin with.


As time went on, she found herself creating more complex designs, and friends and family took notice. Could she share her art with the world and earn income at the same time? 


As a single mother, she was always looking for a way to earn money to support her child. She began searching online for ways to sell her dreamcatchers and build a small business. DreamOway caught Abbigayle's eye as soon as she read the name!


Abbigayle downloaded the app and immediately love the many features she could use to share her story. She uploaded a video sharing her goals with the dreamOway community and began spreading the word in-person and on social media.


How Her Life Will Change:

"It's the holidays and money's tight, so this fundraiser is specifically for my dreamcatcher materials," exclaimed Abbigayle. Her hope is to keep up with growing demand and expand her inventory. 


While she hasn't yet hit her donation goal, Abbigayle has really enjoyed using the app and looks forward to making more connections with the dreamOway community.

"It would bring light to my eyes and make me so happy to know a dream I thought would never go anywhere come true!"


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