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Milca Amich is a school teacher in Miami, passionate about expanding her classroom library to showcase more people of color for her students. That's why she began the "Read in All Colors Foundation" to promote diversity in reading. When it came to funding her dream, she chose to partner with dreamOway.


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The Dream

As with any American classroom, prioritizing spending due to a small budget is an unfortunate necessity. Milca was torn on whether to focus on bulletin board decorations, updating art supplies, or investing in flexible seating. Like most teachers, she ended up spending much of her own money to provide her classroom’s needs.

Despite the costs, she felt a strong calling to help her students fall in love with reading by making more books accessible in her classroom. She purchased many of the classics along with newer reads by women and people of color that she thought would resonate with her students. 

The Results

DreamOway granted Milca a solid platform to crowdfund her dream, extending her reach more than she’d ever thought possible. All she had to do was to upload a quick video explaining her goal, and then share it to her social platforms to inform others.

In less than a week, Milca doubled her initial goal of $100 - all donations from fellow dreamOway users. Donations are still coming in, as she's decided to keep her dream active due to the positive reaction from across the Internet.

“I am a pretty shy person when it comes to asking for help. I didn't even know where to start, but dreamOway made it so easy for me! Even before sharing [my dream] on social media, people from the dreamOway community started giving to my dream! It really touched my heart to see people believing in our kids and the importance of representation for all.”

Although many people say that kids aren’t interested in books, Milca has realized that when kids see themselves represented in the characters and stories they read, they’re excited about books and interested in reading more. 

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Advice for Other Dreamers

Milca leaves dreamers with a bit of advice regarding raising funds for their goals. “Take the time to do things right the first time around. Plan out what you are going to say in your video and use photos, too. Presentation is important! The more people feel like they know you and can relate to your dream, the more likely you are to be able to reach your goal.” 


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