Get Inspired for Your dreamOway Fundraiser With These Celebrity Weddings

You can always count on celebrities to throw inspiring weddings - from epic destination extravaganzas to simple and elegant small ceremonies.One of the hallmarks of most celebrity weddings is how the couples personalize their ceremonies. Having a larger than life custom cake, including flowers and songs to honor a missing loved one, or walking your baby and little dog down the aisle, are all personal touches seen in recent celebrity weddings. Read on to see how you too can add custom details to create your own dream wedding just like these celebrities did!

The Wedding Cake of the CenturyCake

On the epic side, the recent multi-day, multi-venue, multi-ceremony and extremely exotic Indian wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas takes the cake (literally). Everything about the celebrity couple's wedding was over-the-top, including their elaborate cake. The cake was an architectural, engineering, and culinary masterpiece.

Measuring in at a massive 18 feet, the cake depicted the Indian palace where the couple held their first Indian wedding ceremony. The beautiful cake featured seven layers with details of the palace such as arches and windows. It even had chandeliers that lit up! The cake also featured figures of the happy couple. The cake was so large the couple used a sword to jointly cut the first slice! While not everyone can have a cake like theirs, we can all be inspired to create a cake that is personal and special. With some thought and planning, you can have your own one-of-a-kind cake that highlights you and your unique wedding theme.


The Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle's gownNo discussion of inspiring weddings would be complete without a mention of the most recent royal fairy tale wedding. The 2018 wedding of Britain's Prince Harry and Hollywood actress Meghan Markle was a truly heartwarming event. From the beautiful bride in an elegant dress to the dashing groom in uniform, every detail was simply picture-perfect.

Meghan Markle's wedding gown was a lovely creation that highlighted her elegant style. She carried a special floral bouquet that was both beautiful and full of sentimental meaning. Rather than fancy hothouse flowers, it contained a combination of English garden flowers: forget-me-nots, jasmine, astilbe, lily of the valley, and sweet peas. On a particularly charming note, Prince Harry chose the forget-me-nots as a tribute to his mother, the late Princess Diana.

The musical selections were another element that made the wedding unique. The choir and congregation sang Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer, another touching tribute as it was loved by Princess Diana. The Royal Couple picked the perfect gospel choir to sing the classic Stand By Me for another moving moment. Again, while you may not have all these bells and whistles, you can definitely incorporate personal touches into your ceremony to make it memorable. You can subtly remember loved ones to have them with you. Focus on personalizing details of your wedding, such as decorations or music, to create your own fairytale wedding.


A Love Match

The recent wedding of tennis star Serena Williams and internet Serena Williamsbusinessman (Reddit) Alexis Ohanian in New Orleans was a much smaller affair. But like the prior two on our list, it also had its share of celebrities among the much more modest number of guests (200). The ceremony was held in a unique venue - the Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans. The modern art museum's exhibits served as a stunning backdrop for the event. The wedding took place on the birthday of the groom's late mother. The date was a special way to honor and include her in the ceremony.

The bride surprised herself by picking a fancy ball gown style wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. The gown was not what Serena was initially looking for but it ended up being her dream gown. It was beautifully accented with millions of dollars in jewels. The groom wore a custom Armani suit. Their VIP guest of honor was their lovely little daughter who was the final touch to an amazing event. The two-month-old girl was carried down the aisle by her maternal grandmother. Even Serena's beloved dog attended, carried by her best friend Val Vogt.

The couple made this wedding very personal from the date to honor the groom's mother, to including their daughter, to including Serena's dog in the ceremony. Customizing your wedding to make your hearts sing is so important. Remember: "Your Wedding, Your Rules." Do what makes you happy!

Make Your Dream a Reality Today

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