How dreamOway Can Help Fund Your Wedding

A wedding is supposed to be a celebration of your love, and you deserve to have the venue you've wanted since a child. Whether it's a destination wedding or a far-away honeymoon to celebrate beginning a new life together, you don't have to give up on the nuptials of your dreams. dreamOway can help you encourage friends and family to crowdfund your goals!


How Can dreamOway Secure Your Wedding & Honeymoon?

dreamOway can entirely replace a wedding registry in a more modern and effective way.


1. Easy Gifting for Loved Ones

Instead of having friends and relatives purchase a physical gift, they can contribute a simple donation to the app without worrying about picking a gift or marking items off a registry. This may get your eager relatives and excited friends to throw out a larger amount that they had planned, while those who have less to spare can still show their support without breaking their budget. Either way, you get more funding for your wedding.


2. Minimum Processing Fees

Unlike most wedding registries, dreamOway only charges 5% for handling the flow of cash. That means more of the donations go straight to you instead of a third party.


Putting Your dreamOway Campaign to Work

How can you maximize your chances at motivating as many people as possible to donate to your dream?


1. Make a Campaign Video for Your Dream

Every great dreamOway campaign begins with a video. For a wedding dream, try to include emotional snippets such as you and your partner enjoying each other's company, the honeymoon destination, or even the dress you plan on wearing for the big day. You want to offer a glimpse into your dreams - something people can visualize so they feel a real connection to your desires. This type of approach creates a compelling call to action for contributions towards your dream!


2. Share Your Dream with Your Friends

After creating an account, dreamOway can connect you with a network of individuals looking to help others fulfill their dreams. While this network can help bring you closer to your goal, your first step should be to advertise your wedding campaign to friends and family. Post your dream on social media, send a mass email, even share your fundraising efforts through text message!. if friends and family can't contribute, ask them to leverage their social media networks to get the word out! After all, friends and family are your biggest supporters!


3.  Watch Your Dream Spread

As the campaign spreads across the Internet and reaches people who you’ve never met, you’ll see funds start pouring into the account from those who are driven by the spirit of love to help you achieve your dreams. Just keep sharing! 

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