How to Ask for Donations Instead of Gifts When Writing Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is stressful, and there is nothing quite as stressful as putting together a registry for your family to shop from.

There are all kinds of etiquette landmines to watch out for when it comes to asking for gifts, especially if you are a modern bride hoping to ask for wedding donations in monetary form. This how-to guide will give you a few suggestions for writing proper invitations that won't ruffle feathers when you make your request for cash. 

Make it Personal

When it comes to asking for donations, one of the most important things you can do is make your request personal. In other words, don't come right out and ask for money. Instead, tell your guests why their donations are important to you. With so many couples getting married later in life, it's not unusual to see couples mention that they already have a home full of necessities, and they simply don't need another toaster or set of towels. Thus, you are requesting donations to help fund a family trip, raise money for a favorite charity or complete a project at your home. Whatever the case may be, tell the story and trust that the guests at your wedding value your wishes and hopes too. If giving to a charity, tell your guests why you love their work, or offer a list of charitable organizations that you support. 

Make it Easy

Most of your friends and family are already used to the idea of using a registry site to order directly off of your wishlist. Asking them to write a check and put an exact dollar figure on their well-wishes can be awkward. Fortunately, a number of websites offer online cash registries so your guests can make their donation online without having to physically present you with money. This puts people at ease and makes this option accessible for those who cannot attend. While you're setting up your wedding website, add a link to your cash registry and make sure your bridal party knows that you would prefer cash donations over other gifts so that they can inform other guests. 

Show Your Appreciation

No matter how you pose the question, you are likely to have some guests who still feel obligated to purchase a separate gift. For those who are uncomfortable with a cash donation, sometimes all it takes is a friendly reminder that their presence at your wedding is the most important part of the day and that you value their support whether they make a donation or not. You may also want to make a small traditional registry with small items that you can send to those who insist on making a purchase. 

Asking for monetary donations for a wedding is becoming more common as the wedding industry changes, and there are now several easy ways to accept donations from guests online. Just remember to focus on asking in a way that shows how much you value your guests, and lets them see what is most important to you and your future. 



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