How You Can Support a Dreamer

One of the key features of the dreamOway platform is the ability to find and support other dreamers.


While support can come in the form of donations, it’s not just money that helps people to achieve their dreams. 

Supporting a dreamer can come in many forms. Here are just a few ideas for giving someone the support and encouragement they need to fulfill their goals and succeed.


Support a Dreamer by Providing Motivation

Motivation is the key to achieving goals, especially when those goals can seem impossible at the start. You can do your part by urging someone to keep moving forward. However, you must make sure you’re motivating a dreamer in the right way. A few ways to motivate a dreamer can include:

  • Give encouragement. Let them know they've got this!
  • By challenging them. Dare them to achieve their objectives!
  • Be part of the process. Let them know you’re with them all the way!

Another way to keep a dreamer motivated is simply to follow up. Knowing someone is watching and rooting for you can help keep you on track. The dreamOway app is uniquely designed to make it easy to motivate dreamers - so take advantage of it!

Motivation comes in many forms, so gauging the best way to drive any particular person is important. To that end, you should engage a dreamer to see what kind of motivation will move them most effectively. Where one person may need commiseration, another may need tough love. In either case, getting to know a dreamer is a form of motivation itself.


Support a Dreamer by Asking Questions

Many people have dreams but may lack focus. Ask a dreamer you follow about their plans and their process. Let a dreamer know that goals start with smaller objectives, and ask them about their small gains rather than their large ones.

Keeping someone thinking about their dreams in a realistic way can help keep them on track and thinking about getting to the next step. Dreams don’t often fade; rather, they fall to the wayside because many people don’t have someone like you asking them about their goals.


Support a Dreamer by Offering Help and Advice

Funding someone’s dream is all well and good, but sometimes a dreamer needs other types of help. If you want to support a dreamer in achieving a goal you are familiar with, don’t hesitate to offer help and advice.

You may know something the dreamer isn’t aware of. You may have the missing piece to a puzzle a dreamer struggles with. Helping a dreamer reach the next step can start with nothing more than a word of guidance or an offer to help come up with a solution to a problem they're having along the way.


Support a Dreamer by Taking Advantage of the dreamOway Platform

You can motivate, advise, and ask questions all through the dreamOway platform. Take advantage of the tools offered. You can record video that illustrates exactly what you’re talking about.

You can make a video to cheer someone on or just let them know you’re on board with what they’re trying to achieve. Sing someone a song, put on a one-act play, create a series of educational videos, tell a relevant story. Have fun with it.

For the camera shy, you can choose to record just audio to send a message. In all cases, the platform is here to help you to help others. During this process, you may even find there are dreams left for you to pursue as well. Supporting a dreamer isn’t one-sided, it’s mutually beneficial.

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