I’m Shy – I Don’t Want to Post a Video!

Online videos have become a big part of online culture, creativity, and entertainment. You’ve likely watched videos uploaded to all different types of video sharing sites and apps.


But  dreamOway is different! We’re a platform specifically aimed at helping people achieve their dreams.   

If you’ve ever considered posting an online video, getting stage fright or being shy is common. It’s totally understandable given there is a big difference between entertaining your friends and uploading a video where millions of people can see it. But if you have a dream you want to share with the world you can overcome your shyness with time. The following tips can help.


Posting Videos Even If You’re Shy

  • Everyone Had To Start Somewhere: When looking at popular online content creators and media figures, it's easy to assume they’ve always been comfortable in front of the camera. While some people certainly do take to it quickly, there are far more examples of performers being unpolished, hesitant, and more guarded in their earlier stages. Everyone starts somewhere, and some of the most talented people had to practice and develop their skills. Don’t be afraid of not being perfect on your first try because very few people are. Remember, dreamOway is focused on allowing you, not online celebrities, share your dreams with others. As your campaign grows, so will your comfort in front of the camera!
  • Practice Makes Perfect: When uploading videos much of your shyness may stem from not knowing what to do, how to approach your creativity, or simply looking foolish. A lot of earlier content is rough and rather unpolished but that is often part of the creative process. Even if your first dreamOway uploads are basic, in time your skills will develop and you’ll begin to improve your presentation skills. It’s important to remember that creative output is very rarely in a finished state and always needs practice and continual  improvement.
  • Just Post Audio: Depending on the nature of your content you may not need to show your face at all. If your creative skills are audio-based, dreamOway supports audio content and it’s very easy to let your work speak for itself. Uploading a song you sang or music you played more than shows what your video is about!  
  • Don’t Show Yourself: You don’t need to show your face in your videos; in fact, many people don’t and prefer to keep their anonymity. As noted above, if you make music, just upload an audio clip. This is also true for poetry where reading can be done, art where you can show the finished piece, or even how-tos where you can show step-by-step progress photos or videos. If you don’t feel comfortable appearing on camera, don’t force yourself! dreamOway can work with whatever content you want to upload.


A Final Thought

Often the worst criticism any creative person faces is from themselves. If you want to upload video content, keep a positive attitude, allow yourself to be imperfect, and post your content in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Online videos can take nearly any form too - the person behind the camera controls the content! So don’t be afraid to take that first step toward posting your dream.  

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