Meet the Top 5 Pinterest Wedding Influencers You Need to be Following Right Now

The internet is overflowing with ideas for the perfect wedding day. But who to trust?Who to check back with often for new, exciting content! Don't worry, dreamOway has you covered! We've scoured Pinterest (our favorite inspiration network) to fin the top 5 wedding influencers you need to follow - right now!

Some of the top 5 are probably well known to you, and others might be refreshing surprises. Each have huge followings, with millions of monthly visitors. Each also provides fantastical glimpses of what your perfect day could be, plus practical tips on how to make it happen. Enjoy!

Wedding Chicks Pinterest

Wedding Chicks

With over 90 boards on Pinterest, Wedding Chicks offers a vast collection of wedding information and inspiration. Regular blog posts cover everything from planning a Spanish destination wedding to teeth whitening. Wedding Chicks also provides free printable wedding invitations, and it has a database of wedding vendors searchable by location and wedding service.


Bespoke Bride Pinterest

Bespoke Bride

Emily Pettiford and Jessica Turley started Bespoke Bridein 2011 to help couples create their own unique wedding experiences. Their site features articles on every aspect of a wedding, but its main claim to fame is its charming DIY section. Each article is clearly written with easy to follow instructions and illustrated with colorful photos that capture its creatorsplayfulness. Bespoke Bride has been recognized as one of the best bridal sites by Wedding Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine, among others.

Brides Pinterest


If you're looking for the hottest wedding trends, then Brides is a Pinterest must follow. The Conde Nast publication has dozens of boards curated from Brides magazine. For more than 80 years, Brides has been an inspiration to newlyweds looking for the glamorous and the practical. To say that its digital offerings are vast would be an understatement. It's “wedding dresses” board alone has over three thousand pins.

Bridal Musings Pinterest

Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Bridal Musings began as aspersonalblog for self-proclaimed “Pinterest Addict” Elizabeth Muhmood Kane. Since then it has grown to become one of the most acclaimed bridal sites. Recommended by the likes of Vogue and Glamour. Bridal Musings combines stunning photography and professional writing not just to provide inspiration but to impart the sense of adventure possible in every wedding. Blog posts cover fashion, beauty, décor, and travel.

Martha Stewart Weddings Pinterest

Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha Stewart Weddings brings all the savvy one expects from Martha Stewart's brand. All in one place, you can find next year's dresses from the most sought-after designers alongside a recipe for whiskey lemonade. Martha Stewart Weddings doesn't just provide inspiration, but also confidence that the MarthaStewart's sophistication is achievable.

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You might already know exactly what kind of wedding you want. You might have no idea at all. Either way, the top 5 wedding influencers on Pinterest can help you make your perfect day perfect.

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