Success Story: A Veteran Supports A Squadmate


Jayson is an aviation technician based in Hartford, Connecticut. He's an Army veteran who spent two years in Afghanistan. During his time overseas, he and his squamates formed an breakable bond built on trust and mutual respect.

That bond continues to this day, even after they've found themselves in different locations across the globe.

Army Buddies

The Dream

Jayson knows the struggle to readjust to civilian life all too well. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers face this challenge after facing certain death defending our country overseas. He admits it took time and support from loved ones to settle back in to normal days with his family.


"It stays with you for the rest of your life. You just need to find ways to manage your emotions and live in the moment. I couldn't have done that without support from friends and family" stated Jayson in a recent interview.


One of Jayson's squamates had recently finished his assignment and returned home to his family. The transition was not going well, and there was concern for his well-bring. "I wanted to be there for him as he took the same journey I had a few years ago" Jayson shared.


So he turned to dreamOway to find support in getting to his friend. Jayson posted a dream of raising $150 to drive to his friend's house and surprise him with a weekend camping trip to help him get away from the noise for little while.


dreamOway Veteran Testimonial Infographic

The Result

In less than two week, Jayson met his $150 goal thanks to the support of multiple dreamOway community members. He was both surprised and overjoyed by how quickly he found support for his dream to help out a squamate in need.

"Making a video was simple, and I was impressed with the feedback and support I received from other members. The camping trip was awesome! My friend and I were able to talk about his struggles and ways he could find the support he needed - all in a peaceful setting. Seeing him find some peace and come up with a future plan for success meant the world to me."


Advice for Other Dreamers

Jayson was more than happy to share some tips he felt helped make his own dream a reality. "I made sure to share what I wanted to do from the heart. I wanted people to both see and hear how important this was for me to help a friend out. I think by taking the time to plan out what I wanted to say and to speak clearly on it, it helped other people catch the dream."


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