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Is College Worth It? Here's What the Stats Say.

  When considering college, it may seem as though the odds are stacked against you.  Tuition costs, non-guaranteed jobs after graduation, substantial student loan debt, and other post-grad financial stressors are what await graduates in the 21st century. All these factors increasingly prompt the question, "Is college worth it?" 
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How to Get the Most Out of Your College Experience

  If you ask any college student, most will agree that balancing a social life, work, schoolwork, and extracurricular involvements is challenging.
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5 College Scholarships Every Undergraduate Should Apply For

Going to college has become increasingly more expensive. Fortunately, there are hundreds of scholarships available to high-school seniors and current college students. 
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College Tuition: Your Guide For Finding Your Best Value

The price tag on a college education is steadily rising, and college tuition and student loan debt are higher than they’ve ever been. 
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The Truth About College Students Today

This is the year in which a lot of marketing and social focus is switching from Millennials to the upcoming "Generation Z." 
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Back-to-School Savings Tips for College Students

    College can be an expensive investment, one with long-term benefits based on your goals. 
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