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Crowdfunding for Veterans: How To Build a Successful Dream

DreamOway's app is all about creating a community of dreamers. Our users range from college students, teachers, brides and grooms-to-be, musicians, creatives, charities and veterans. 
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7 Fundraiser Ideas to Support Veterans in Your Community

Veterans serve our country with their lives and livelihoods. When deployed, they feel the effects of being away from their families and friends. They often return and don't have a job or home.
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Learn More About the Sacrifices of Our Military Veterans From These 3 Sources

A few years back, Army veteran and political science professor Scott Althaus published an interesting study looking at how The New York Times covered wars.
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3 Wounded Veteran Charities that Maximize Your Donation Gifts

Many Americans are interested in donating and supporting veterans in need of aid.
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5 Ways You Can Support Veterans in Your Everyday Life

Memorial Day shouldn't be the only weekend we spend honoring veterans. After all, our military friends, family members, and strangers don't spend just three days serving us.
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