The Beginner's Guide to Using dreamOway

Everybody has dreams and goals that they aim to meet or achieve. While you may aspire to be a professional athlete or the greatest musician, dreaming of becoming apart of something bigger than yourself is a natural way of life. Although dreaming is completely natural, dreams require focus. They require planning, fundraising, and constant promotion. Our natural inclination is to live life for today, not tomorrow! As a result, dreams are often placed on the back burner.


That’s where dreamOway can help. Put your dreams into action by utilizing our tools to help others catch your vision and support your fundraising efforts.

Recording Your Dream      

Designed around the social media network concept, dreamOway provides a mobile platform that allows users to share their dreams and aspirations with the world. The platform is set up with a simple-to-use interface. When opening the app you’re greeted with newsfeed that closely resembles that of other well-known social media networks. Here, you’ll see videos from other members of the community sharing their dreams. You can follow specific users just by clicking the heart next to their video post. You can also leave a comment to provide encouragement and support! You’ll also see tabs at the bottom of the screen to see activity related to your account. A chat icon allows you to send a direct message to any other dreamOway user. Finally, a “favorites” icon gives you easy access to all dreams you’ve favorited for easy access later.


App Camera

Now, for the main step! It’s time to create your own video to share with others! Clicking the camera icon at the bottom of the app lets you begin recording your message. Prior to recording your first video, you’ll be asked to select the a dream “category.” Some options include travel, education, art, tech, science, and many more. You’ll also have the option to create your own category.


In the next step, you’ll record a message using the front or rear-facing camera. You can also upload a video you’ve already saved to your device. The recorded video should contain information about what you want to accomplish or achieve. Your recording must be a minimum of 20 seconds. Be as specific as possible! You want to help others have a clear grasp on why your goal is important and worth donating towards.




Favorites Feed

Once your recording is uploaded, you’ll be prompted to craft a simple statement summarizing your dream for others. Use specific, vivid language to attract and excite others to your cause. Instead of saying “I want to learn to play the piano” say “I’m raising funds to begin training in becoming a world-renowned pianist!” If you want others to thrill others about your dream, you need to express it in every way possible!


After posting a short overview of your cause, you’ll have the option to tell your story more in-depth. This is your opportunity to expand on the details of your dream and further build support. You can even attach up to five images to provide more visuals to your audience!


The final step involves setting up an account via Stripe, a leading name in online payment processing. This step allows you to begin accepting donations safely and securely. You can choose to complete this step at a later time, but don’t forget! You can’t receive any financial support until this is completed.


From there, it's all about sharing your dreams with the world so that others can donate to your cause.


Building Support      

Dreamers, now it’s for you to then find backers (supporters) who will provide emotional encouragement and financial support. Spend time favoriting and commenting on other member’s dreams to provide support and encouragement, and in turn they’ll often do the same!


App Chat Feature

Ask for support from friends and family by sending them an email or text message. Invite them to download the dreamOway app and donate to your cause. Use social media to share your dream as well. You need to be your biggest cheerleader! Don’t be shy to ask for donations, family and friends are there to support you, and will often jump at the opportunity to give to a worthy cause.


Whenever someone favorites, comments, or makes a donation to your dream, make sure to thank them by sending a message using the chat feature located at the bottom of the app. Gratitude is the best gift you can give any donor!


Continue to promote your dream every chance you can, and watch as the support comes streaming in. And remember, our team is always here to help if you experience any issues. Just click your profile picture and select “account” to send us an email. Your dream is our dream!


We wish you all the best and sweet dreams!



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