The Real Reasons Your Wedding Fundraising Isn’t Working

You're excited about your upcoming nuptials and have requested that family and friends donate for the occasion.


As time goes on, you notice you haven't raised nearly enough funds! This might put you in a state of panic, but what you should do is evaluate your fundraising methods and adjust your approach. By making small changes to your campaign and utilizing your resources, you can obtain the funds you need. Here are the real reasons your wedding fundraising isn't working, and what you can do to fix it!

1. You're Not Sharing Enough Details

While nobody wants you to account for every dollar you plan on spending, you do need to have an explanation in your description regarding what you're planning on doing with the money. If people just see that you're planning your wedding and need "X" amount of dollars, they may not feel compelled to help. However, if you write a summary of what you plan on using the funds for, people are more likely to want to help you obtain your goals. When you're open and honest about your plans, people have a better understanding of where their money is going. Remember, friends and familyWANT to support you. Just share the vision!

2. You're Not Reaching Your Target Audience

Your wedding crowdfunding campaign might not be reaching the right people. What communication channels are you using? You may be limiting yourself to just one of your social media accounts. However, there are other individuals out there who would be willing to help if you broadened your marketing campaign. While it may seem a bit outdated, you might be missing some of the people who don't have social media. You may want to consider using email or even postcards to advertise.

3. Your Campaign Just Isn't Engaging Enough

Make sure you're communicating with your social media connections and keeping them engaged with your campaign. You don't just want to share thatyou're looking for money for your wedding and leave it at that. You want to share your story and make it personal! Provide updates, either with videos or simple text updates to keep people motivated. You want people to connect with you and see the progress of funding for your special day!

4. You're Not Using Enough Visuals

Maybe you have a relatable story about why you don't have the money for your wedding. Maybe your story would touch people's hearts. However, if you don't have any visuals, people may not even be reading your story. Your campaign has to be engaging from all angles. It could help your o if you add a beautiful picture of you and your significant other. If you're just using text, you're not giving people enough of a vision of your dream!

5. You're Not Getting Enough Advertising 

While it seems self-explanatory, you might not be advertising your campaign enough. It might be time to up your game. Ask your friends to share your story on their social media accounts. Ask parents to email friends and family. Do this and do it often. if you're not in front of your audience, they won't be thinking about your fundraiser!

6. You're Not Explaining the "Why"

It helps to include information regarding why you can't afford your wedding. You don't want people to just automatically assume you just want a wedding that's out of your budget. It's important to give people a bit of insight into your financial situation and why you're asking for money. You really want to stress why financial assistance with your wedding is important to you and your significant other.

To run a successful wedding fundraiser, you need to have a reason why you need assistance. You also need to consider how you're advertising. Sometimes, you're neglecting to reach your target audience. At dreamOway, we understand the frustration of wanting your dream wedding, but it just isn't in the budget. That's why we offer an app that makes collecting the funds for your wedding simpler.




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