The Top 3 Grants Databases Your Foundation Should Be Checking Regularly

If you're like most non-profit organizations, you rely on grants to round out your fundraising efforts.

Tens of billions of dollars are awarded each year in grants, representing about 20% of the overall charitable pie for most foundations. While donations from supporters provide most of the funds, grants can still be an excellent source of funding for charities, no matter their size!

If you're interested in raising funds for your foundation through grants, good research is half the battle!

Before You Apply...

Writing a solid grant proposal takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort, so it's important to understand the funder’s key application requirements before you begin. Don't apply for a grant for endangered animals if you run a housing assistance charity! Your foundation may be the most effective in its field, but applying for a grant from an organization that focuses on another area is never worth it.

Now that we've covered that important step, here are three of the top grant databases that your foundation should consistently follow and refer to if you want to increase your chances of getting the right funders to invest in your vision.


User-friendly grant searching and easy-to-read grant summaries are what make one of the most popular sites for the latest information on grant opportunities. Daily updates about what's available from government agencies, private foundations, and corporations can be found in the site’s dedicated portal. On any given day, there are thousands of grant opportunities listed. The site also sends out free weekly emails listing all the grants posted within the last 7 days. A single-user subscription is $199 per year; an investment well worth making for the returns it can bring!

Foundation Center

Foundation Directory Online is a comprehensive research tool for fundraisers, listing more than 140,000 grant maker profiles. They use a variety of sources to find the best grants, which the center's staff continually monitor to verify details. Many grant makers submit their information directly to the center, making them an even more reliable platform to find solid grant opportunities! Listed information typically includes the type of recipient the grant is looking for, grant amount, total duration of support, and more. There are tiered subscription options ranging from $23 to $50 per month and an FDO enterprise rate for larger organizations.


Celebrating 20 years in service, GrantStation helps nonprofit organizations find matching grant opportunities, as well as guidance from mentors who can help through the grant seeking process. For $700 per year, full member access lets you use all available online tools including the funder database, which features grant makers from the U.S., Canada, and internationally. They also periodically offer smaller organizations a lower rate and have partner programs that make it easy to obtain membership at a discount.

The Grants Are Out There!

Competition for funding may have never been greater than it is now, but there are also far more opportunities to find money for your cause than in the past. In addition to traditional routes, crowdfunding has become an incredible way to find people with the financial means and desire to help your nonprofit achieve its dreams.

To make the best use of your time and budget while getting the most funding for your nonprofit, be sure to explore all available options. As the way to raise nonprofit funds evolves, a crowdsourcing platform like dreamOway is another terrific avenue for raising money for your cause. Your nonprofit can easily run innovative fundraising campaigns for various causes, connecting with like-minded donors who want to see your mission succeed.

No matter which resources you choose, the wide selection of traditional and new fundraising options can help take your nonprofit to the next level of funding success. dreamOway is ready to help you with crowdsourcing your startup charitable foundation. For more information, check out their blog or download the app on iOS or Android.


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