Tips for Building a Successful YouTube Channel for Musicians

As a beginning and/or aspiring musician, creating and presenting a strong social media presence is vital.

For musicians, especially, Youtube is an excellent medium to share musical talents, connect with other musicians and artists, and build a fan base. As you create or update your Youtube channel, here’s a few tips to optimize different features.


1) Use Keywords for Search Optimization

Keyword ResearchYouTube ranks uploaded videos in search results according to five elements:

      1. Title

      2. Description


      4. Tags

      5. User rating.

You can only control three of these (title, description, tags), so optimizing them is important. Including keywords, for example, can increase your visibility when people are searching for different terms on YouTube.

When uploading a video, make sure to include your artist name in the title, along with saying if it’s a “live video,” “music video,” “cover,” or “concert.”

Since people will often search your artist name accompanied with the word “video,” doing this can make you a lot easier to find. Depending on your type of video, you can include what type of music you’re playing in the title as well.

An example of that would look like: “Build a Home” Cover // Lindsey Dunham // Live Acoustic Session”--or any variation of that according to your theme and structure. Make sure to stay consistent with how you’re setting up your titles.

In addition use these keywords (and any additional ones you want to be associated with) in your video description and the tags you select for each video upload.


2) Create a Quality Description for Each Video

When uploading a YouTube video, you’ll be prompted to write a video description. Since uploading usually takes a while, it’s a great time to spruce up this section with as many relevant keywords as possible. You have 5,000 characters in length to accomplish this.

Keep in mind, however, that only the first 120 will show up in search results, so you’ll want to make sure those first few sentences present a summary that's captivating, engaging, and descriptive of what your video is about.

Again, focus on the song's name, your artist name, the music genre, and the type of song. Additional details such as upcoming events, social media follow links, and other collaborating artists or labels are all good to list.


3) Include Tags

video tagsAdding tags to your video will boost its appearance in YouTube’s "Suggested Videos" section, so make sure you select words relevant to your video. This is vital!

With each video, you should aim to add between 8 to 12 tags - including your music genre and sub-genre, followed by any keywords related to your song, genre, or artist background.


4) Take Advantage of Metadata

Metadata is essentially what optimizes your video for YouTube's search feature. Metadata is a summary of the information provided in three parts we’ve covered above:

  1. The title of your video

  2. Your video description

  3. Your tags

Before you start writing your metadata, it’s important to really understand how the YouTube algorithm works. As the second largest search engine on the internet, YouTube shares Google's same search algorithms. When someone types in a term or phrase into the search box, the search engine scrolls through every video's title, description, and tags to provide contextual results for the user.

Why is this important? Whatever information you include in the title, description, and tags should appeal to an audience you're trying to reach - who is most likely to enjoy your music. For help with relevant keywords for your title and descriptions, there are several Youtube keyword suggestion tools available.

A simple tool to begin your search is Neil Patel's Ubersuggest. Begin by typing in words you already associate with your music, seeing which keywords get the most searches. You can also find "related" keywords using this tool. Choose the terms searched the most and use those when creating your video's metadata. That's the smart way to reach your audience!

Youtube Musicians

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