What's the Best Way to Ask for Money for Your Wedding Fundraiser? Try This Strategy.

Crowdsourcing can be a great way to get your friends and family involved in and excited about your wedding preparations.

It can be a fun and engaging method to raise funds for your wedding - but you need to be creative in getting the word out! Posting a URL on a wedding invitation isn't enough! Our strategies can help you get the most out of asking for wedding donations.

Start With dreamOway

First, be sure to sign up and set up your wedding fundraiser with dreamOway. They have everything you'll need to share your crowdfunding campaign with loved ones. If you don't have an account that's fully set up, people will be less likely to give! Take the time to make sure you set up payment details under the "settings" tab in your account. Also, make sure to include lots of pictures and an exciting video to help people catch your dream!

The optimum wedding fundraising platform makes it super simple for you to ask people to contribute to your dream wedding, and dreamOway does just this! The site allows visitors to pay towards your goal in any amount with a quick and secure payment process. Hey, every little bit really does help! Don't be afraid to say just that.

Establish "Dream Ambassadors"

Crowdfunding for weddings is a fairly new concept, and a number of your wedding guests may not have a clue about how it works. This is especially true of older relatives that are not involved in social media and technology. So you will need to spread the word and do a bit of explaining.

Let several key people be your ambassadors and crowdsourcing interpreters - the boots on the ground for your campaign. This personal touch can be especially important to those who are not tech-savvy. Just listing the URL for your wedding homepage or dreamOway profile won't do it. However, a granddaughter pulling up the site and showing grandma how easy it is to "click and donate" will almost always produce results. People showing people how just a simple click can help them check off "Susie's wedding gift" is so important to reach people who may not be comfortable donating online. Don't worry though; your loved ones will be so happy they were able to support you without having to go out to a store or another website!

Your ambassadors can also answer that perpetual question of "what does Susie want for her wedding?" They can let people know that you really have everything you need for your new home and you could use some help with funding a wonderful wedding. It is often easier for a friend to tell others that cash would be greatly appreciated than it is for you to say that.

Share the Excitement!

Sharing information about your wedding needs and desires is essential, but your excitement about the wedding details is a must to create buzz and get the fundraising going! Set up a wedding homepage to share information about the big event early on when planning your wedding. Your website should have a link directing people to your dreamOway account for hassle-free gifting. Once you complete this step, you can now share photos of your wedding location, potential reception dishes, favorite music videos, and even a sneak peek of your outfit to build interest and engagement! Each picture of the upcoming event can include a prompt "to help make the dream wedding a reality..." with a link to your dreamOway account for one-stop donating by guests. Be sure to share these engaging images on social media too.

Making Your Dreams Come True

Let dreamOway make your dreams of a perfect wedding come true. The platform makes crowdsourcing your wedding quick and easy. Start now to make it happen for you!


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