Who’s the Best Choice for Nonprofit Crowdfunding? dreamOway vs. the Competition: 

Nonprofits benefit all of society by championing social causes and advocating for viewpoints that might not otherwise be heard.

Like any kind of organization, though, even nonprofits need resources to thrive and further their missions. That's where online crowdsourcing comes in!

Crowdfunding with a service like dreamOway can increase awareness around your causes and attract new volunteers to turn those dreams into a reality. So how do they stack up to the competition? Let's look at how dreamOway compares with other similar services.





In the same way that dreamOway makes it easy to have a download link sent to your phone, Fundly is convenient to get started with.

Fundly has similar social media sharing features as dreamOway. Fundly asks you to enter your organization's name, your first and last name, and provide your email address initially.

Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee in addition to a credit card processing fee and 30 cents for each transaction. That can be a big ask for some potential donors.

dreamOway, by contrast, takes a 5% transaction fee and has a much more streamlined fee structure compared to other crowdsourcing websites out there.

For instance, another crowdfunding website called Bonfire takes a 3.5% processing fee, which might not sound that bad. The kicker is the fact that Bonfire takes a 4.5% platform fee on top of that.

dreamOway is free to get started with and features transparent industry-standard transaction fees so that your non-profit can thrive and achieve its short- and long-term projects.





dreamOway is a social fundraising app that connects dreamers and visionary supports in hopes of shoring up resources for short-term projects or your long-term mission as a nonprofit.

With the dreamOway app all you have to do is download the app for iOS or Android to get started.

As a nonprofit, you then record and share your story (step 1), share it with your community online (step 2), and secure funding (step 3) to move one step closer to realizing your goals.

dreamOway has gotten a lot of attention recently on social media (#daretodream) for enabling family and friends to come together for wedding crowdsourcing, but dreamOway does a lot of work with foundations as well.

Already dreamOway has helped foundations and nonprofits in science, education, philanthropy expand their communities online.

The fact that online crowdsourcing can help your nonprofit discover a younger demographic speaks to the importance of using online crowdsourcing to fund your next project.

Here's the deal - the reason so many people are embracing dreamOway is that dreamOway is free to download and offers ongoing support.

Getting started is as easy as recording a video explaining what your nonprofit does and how it can help people. With dreamOway you can accept donations towards particular projects or supporting your nonprofit more generally.

Like Fundly, dreamOway doesn't have any raise requirements or startup fees. This means that even if your nonprofit doesn't raise the funds that you'd initially imagined, you can still contribute what you have collected towards your nonprofit's mission.

dreamOway is also flexible compared to other crowdfunding apps in the sense that you can set the timelines of your projects to be as immediate or extended as you'd like or your projects require.







Crowdrise is the nonprofit fundraising wing of GoFundMe, which most people are already familiar with. Crowdwise actually does a uniquely good job of incorporating social media features to get more views online - they call this service "Social Amp."

In light of the fact that 60% of donations come through on a mobile device, both Crowdrise and dreamOway focus foremost on making donations easy to accept and process on mobile devices, especially smartphones.

One especially handy feature with Crowdrise is the "text to donate" feature, which enables nonprofits the ability to send around messages to potential donors and request they text back to make a donation of their choosing.

Unlike dreamOway, however, all of these extra features will set you back since Crowdrise charges a 5% and 3% platform fee for its essential and premium versions, respectively.




Rally is similar to dreamOway in that with Rally you get things started with three steps: create your page, share your story, and raise money.

Rally has a built-in proprietary payment system, which could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you and your supporters get on with that particular system. You may want something more ubiquitous and more widely used.

The Rally system offers nonprofits the chance to accept donations with its one-click payment function. The downside is that each donation sets you back 5.75% - the commission that Rally takes each time.

Like dreamOway, Rally lets you collect donations even when they don't meet a predetermined goal and allows you to collect donations on an ongoing basis.



Consider dreamOway As Your Next Platform

dreamOway is free to get started with and easy to use, which makes dreamOway ideal to nonprofits in virtually any industry. Whether you're a seasoned organization or an individual thinking of starting a foundation of your own, dreamOway has all the tools you need find to help make the world a better place! For more information, check out our blog or download the app on iOS or Android. See you there!



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